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Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing is based on the scientific fact that everything in the universe is made up of energy with a specific vibration or frequency.   Stones and the earth vibrate at a much slower rate than air or water.  There has been scientific evidence since the 1920s from Quantum Physics that even our bodies, which we believe are dense physical matter, are actually mostly empty space.  We are made of energy, life force energy. 

Within our bodies, the frequency of individual cells varies by their organ system, with the liver, heart and pancreas vibrating at a different rate than the stomach or the spleen.  As the cell voltage (electro-magnetic frequency) goes down, from poor food, poor nutrition, little exercise, emotional turmoil, injury or stress, our cells cannot function as they were designed to do.  Thoughts and feelings all have frequencies linked with them.  Anger and frustration have a low vibration; peace and love have a high vibration.  When we provide energy with a higher frequency or vibration to the cells of the body, like a tuning fork, they align with or entrain to the higher, healthier frequency, boost the immune and endocrine systems which heal the body. 

So vibrational healing is providing higher frequency energy to help the body to remember the state of health and to heal.  Whether it is through hands on energy work, chanting, musical tones, CDs with pure frequencies or through an electronic healing instrument, vibrational healing is providing energy to the sub-atomic particles of the body where the healing occurs.  See articles below for more details.

Article: What is Vibrational Healing?
Article: How Does It Work?
Presentation: Pt 1 Definitions and Evidence about Healing with Energy and Vibration (view in slide show format)
Presentation: Pt 2 Explanation of How the Energy Healing Moves in the Human Body to Effect Healing

Stay tuned for "Conversations with Colleagues (TM) Interviews", a series of 30 minute audio interviews with people who:

  • Successfully practice the energy and vibrational healing modalities described in the two articles and presentation. Learn about new vibrational or energy healing modalities that you haven't experienced, or learn more about the ones you've tried but don't yet understand.

  • Are practicing integrative, complementary and alternative modalities. 

  • Are scientists and MDs who understand and can explain how energy and vibration heal the human bodies, pets and plants.

  • The first interview is with integrative MD, Dr. Jaqueline Fields from Fort Collins.

  • More interviews coming in spring 09. 

What Margie has been trained to use:

Here are the vibrational and energy medicine modalities that Margie Mulligan practices.  They include complimentary and alternative methods to balance the entire human energy system, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or causal bodies:

  • Pre-Dynastic Egyptian energy work and ritual
  • Egyptian Healing Rods (for personal and facilitated healing sessions)
  • Pyradym, physio-acoustics FDA approved Class 1 medical device (for facilitated sessions and healing clinics)
  • Quantum-Touch energy and breathing practice for healing (hands on healing and classes)
  • Sound Wave Energy vibrational medicine CDs for healing all bodies (distributor and consultant/trainer)
  • Tom Kenyon's Sound Healing techniques
  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Reiki: Usui, Karuna Ki and Evolutionary (Reiki Master)
  • Magnified Healing
  • Well Beam, light/color therapy, FDA approved Class 1 medical device (for personal use)

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