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Products and Services

Eqyptian Healing Rods

It can often be challenging to select the right set of rods for your energy system. If you are able to ask for guidance or have a strong intuitive connection, use that information. If you would like assistance, we are happy to discuss your intended use of the rods and then advise you. We will dowse to identify the rods that serve you best overall.

Healing Rods come in four basic styles: Rods-Kont, Rods-Quartz, Rods-Crystal and Rods-Free Flow.

Description and Prices for 8 Healing Rods of Different Amplitudes

Rods-Kont:  Russian scientific research suggests these rods prepare the energy system for expansion and stimulate the body's natural healing response. They found that Rods-Kont can lower blood pressure, help one relax and  reduce insomnia symptoms. Rods-Kont are generally described by customers as Relaxing and Grounding. These are great in preparing clients for deep energy work for the physical body.

Click here for more information on Rods Kont.

Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Kont for $289

Rods-Quartz also prepare the energy system for expansion, however their crystalline filling operates at a different frequency. Russian research proposes that they stimulate a healing response in the body and enhance meditation practice. Customers describe the Rods-Quartz as soothing and centering. They are the most universally appropriate selection for individuals who wish to expand their energy field. 

There are three variations of the Rods-Quartz:

1) Rod-Quartz 1 is for children 7 years and older or for elders who are frail and need to build strength gently.

2) Rod-Quartz 2 is the most universal rods for physical balancing and expanding the energy field.

3) Rod-Quartz 3 is the highest amplitude of the Quartz rods for physical balancing.

Click here for more information on Rods Quartz.

Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Quartz 1 for $289
Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Quartz 2 for $289
Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Quartz 3 for $299

Rods-Crystal: Russian research suggests these rods are energizing and stimulate mental and psychic energies. It is recommended that one be an experienced "Energy Worker" before using the Rods-Crystal.  Because they have larger crystals, they work more quickly than the Kont or Quartz Rods. This could be uncomfortable if one who is aged or infirm. Customers report that Rods-Crystal are very useful for meditation and psychic development.

There are four different Rods-Crystal which Russian research imply have the following benefits:

1) Rods-Crystal 1 stimulates mental and psychic energy, thereby enhancing meditation and mental clarity. These high frequency rods may be uncomfortable for these who are not accustomed to energy work. It is important to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions while working with these rods because they will magnify your intentions. Rods-Crystal are an excellent tool for practitioners and those who are accustomed to receiving energy work

2) Rods-Crystal 2 has a higher amplitude than the Rods Crystal. The Crystal 2 Rods can be used for small group work, visioning and manifestation.

3) Rods of Connectivity: Designed for energy healing practitioners. These rods can take you to the Halls of Higher Consciousness and energy access. They can be used as "healing lasers" by connecting and magnifying the practitioners energy to the sources of the divine.

4) Rods of Star Consciousness: The most potent energy tool available today! Instantly elevates you into higher dimensions. They will connect you with your past lives and multi-dimensional energy. These rods will assist you to move through dimensions quickly and effortlessly and is best suited for experienced energy workers. They are also ideal for Circle events and groups.

Click here for more information on Rods Crystal.

Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Crystal 1 for $339
Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Crystal 2 for $349
Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Connectivity for $359
Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Star Consciousness for $444

Rods-Free Flow are designed to rapidly correct Yin and Yang imbalances. In Chinese medicine a number of symptoms suggest an imbalance in one of these essential energy flows.

Click here for more information on Rods Free Flow.

Purchase Egyptian Healing Rods - Free Flow for $269

Advanced training for practical use of 8 different Egyptian Healing Rods:
90 minute recording of teleseminar on each of the 4 types of rods with similar functions

Kont Rods – Ferromagnetic filling - Unique for calming, relaxing and physical groundingPurchase Kont Rods Training Teleseminar for $10.10

Quartz Rods – Quartzite filled cylinders – Expanding and charging the energy system for physical balancing:

  • Free Flow Rods – for aligning dramatic imbalances in yin and yang energy
  • Quartz-1 – Special order rods for children 7-14, frail elders, recovery from illness
  • Quartz-2 – All purpose physical balancing for most folks seeking wellness
  • Quartz-3 – Stronger physical balancing for people with minor wellness challenges
Purchase Quartz Rods Training Teleseminar for $10.10

Crystal Rods – Pebble sized quartz crystals for manifesting wellness, relationships, career, abundance, financial wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intentions

  • Crystal – First manifesting rods for people essentially well who want to create the lives of their dreams
  • Crystal 2- Highest vibration of manifesting rods. Can be used for group work by trained energy worker with
  • groups of all ability levels.
Purchase Crystal Rods Training Teleseminar for $10.10

Healer’s Crystal Rods – Single terminated quartz crystals of increasing size and power. Used for self-healing (and manifesting) as well as working with energy field of another person, groups, plants or pet.

  • Crystal Star – First of healer’s rods for people trained to work with energy. Good with groups moderately well trained in handling high vibration energy.
  • Connectivity – Strong yet gentle high energy. Combined single terminated crystals and quartzite sand sized pieces. For those experienced with high vibration energy: healers, meditators, martial artists, spiritual practices.
  • Star Consciousness – Highest vibration healing rods for expert energy healing practitioners. Used for self-healing, manifesting and transcendence. Great for group work with an experienced group.
Purchase Healer's Crystal Rods Training Teleseminar for $10.10

Learn to Balance Yourself at Home or On the Road

How active do you want to be in your energetic balancing? Passive and active methods available to match your preferences and funds available.

Recording of Pyradym Instrument on CD - Rest or Sleep and Align your Energy
Take home a Pyradym CD Tune-Up (14 min for $15) to continue the healing after your private session. A powerful way to keep your vibration high to allow your body to continue to heal itself. Relieves pain and stress in your own home. Buy in person and save shipping or call to order and pay S/H.

Purchase 'Recording of Pyradym on CD' for $15

Custom Energy Medicine Booklet - Pictures and Descriptions of Hand Positions or Energy Postures
"Take home" methods for balancing energy, through a combination of energy kinesiology, acupressure, yoga mudras, whole body reflexology.  No energy healing training needed. Use at home to participate in soothing and balancing your energy so your body has the ability to heal itself. Get your FREE "Anger and Fear" EM booklet today.

FREE Booklet - "Relieving Anger and Fear"

Insomnia Energy Medicine Booklet - Pictures and Descriptions of Hand Positions or Energy Postures
A combination of energy kinesiology, acupressure, yoga mudras and whole body reflexology intended to release blocks to free flow of your life force energy.  No energy healing training needed. Use at home to participate in your own wellness. Get your FREE "Insomnia" EM booklet today.

FREE Booklet - "Insomnia Energy Medicine"
If your health challenge, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, isn't listed, contact Margie for a custom one.

Quantum Touch "Live" Basic Workshop
A method that teaches powerful breathing practices and body focusing of the life force energy. In a two day class, by noon on the first day you are using the basics of QT to work on classmates, and then spending the rest of the weekend learning intermediate and advanced techniques to escalate the power of your work. Ask for the link to a free recorded QT lecture explaining what you will learn in the class and how to get two free gifts for listening. Help your family, friends, colleagues or clients heal with energy. No PILLS, NO TALK.

Purchase 'Basic Workshop - 1st Class' for $295

Quantum Touch "Live" Basic Workshop – Second "Live" Class or Anyone 18 Years Old or Less
If you have already taken a Quantum Touch "live" class, the second class is half price to encourage people who want to become practitioners and need 2 classes. Anyone 18 or under receives the same price

Purchase 'Basic Workshop - 2st Class' for $150

Quantum Touch ½ day Special Topic Workshop – for people trained in Quantum Touch
(e.g., winter season)

Remember, review and practice all the QT positions and routines to be ready for winter: build the immune system, boost energy in respiratory and digestive systems, plus added Energy Medicine routines, described above, for common winter ailments.

Purchase 'Special Topic Workshop' for $47

Pyradym Instrument for Personal Use or in a Healing Clinic
Pyradym Instrument using sound, vibration, light and crystal energy healing to get the benefits of energy healing at home, at work, while relaxing or sleeping. Benefits described above. Contact Margie to arrange a demonstration.

Private Sessions with Margie

Jump-start your path to wellness with a personal session. Relieve any imbalances, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Feel vibrant health.

Egyptian Healing
Egyptian Healing Rods bring Pyramid energy to the US from Pre-Dynastic Egypt. Studied since 1994 in Russia by Russian Academy of Sciences.  Three different types of rods have a powerful stimulating or manifestation effect. Pyradym Instrument aligns the energy system so that your life force energy can move freely in the body. Combined with hands on soothing energy, the specific distressed body part, emotions, mental, or spiritual cellular memory is released.

Purchase a four-pak, multiple sessions and save. (Savings: Four 30 min sessions, save $20; four 1 hour sessions, save $40).  

Purchase 'One 30 Minute Session' for $30
Purchase 'One 1 Hour Session' for $60
Purchase 'Four 30 Minute Sessions' for $100
Purchase 'Four 1 Hour Sessions' for $200

Vibrational Healing - Home Appointment
Egyptian Healing with the Egyptian Healing Rods, Pyradym Instrument and Ancient and Modern Energy Healing – 2-4 family member sessions in one visit. Contact Margie for custom pricing and group discounts. Email:

Energy Wellness Coaching - Phone Sessions (as needed by the minute)

Do you need 15 or 30 minutes of telephone coaching to help you focus what you know about healing on yourself? Pay by the minute ($1), with a 15 minute minimum, for the time of a phone call. Set up your appointment now.

Purchase '15 Minutes' for $15
Purchase '30 Minutes' for $30

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