Rods-Free Flow balance out the problems of YIN-YANG imbalance which appear frequently. We all have both Yin and Yang energies in our bodies. Some people have an excess of YIN (feminine source energy) while some possess an excess of YANG (masculine source energy). For example, a man with an excess of YIN can face the problem of metabolism disorder or decreasing of sexual activity, and other unpleasant symptoms.

In the event of energetic disharmony, with the Yin clearly dominant, the Ancient Egyptians used only the copper Yang cylinder held in the right hand to restore balance and harmony. For proper harmonization it is better to use both cylinders at the same time, but the Yang one should be larger (a Rod Quartz or Crystal) than the Yin one (Rods Free Flow), making it possible to bring the Yang up to the necessary level. Subsequent use of identical cylinders makes it possible to harmonize the two flows of energy.

If someone has an excess of YANG, too much aggressive male energy, imbalances might also be present such as hormonal disorders in women. To cope up with that misbalance one can use the Rods-Free Flow. They represent Zinc and Copper Rods only 90 mm long (small Rods) with a filling. One of those Rods is used as an addition to a set of the Rods-Quartz or Crystal. The use of a larger Yin and a smaller Yang cylinders produces balance, after which identically sized cylinders should be used for subsequent harmonization.