The Rods-Quartz provide a more gentle effect and the energetic shield generated by them is more stable. When working with the Rods- Quartz for one week, the improvement in the energetic shield will be maintained for three weeks. They are very good for guarding against cardio-vascular diseases, nervous depressions and many other illnesses, but may prove inadequate against such conditions in the acute phase.

The Rods- Quartz powerfully suppresses stress. Please note: If you take the Rods- Quartz in your hands late at night, when you want to fall asleep, you may experience the feeling of cheerfulness. The Rods- Quartz, affecting the CNS positively, stimulates your activity. This effect causes a blood pressure stabilization of the people who suffer from hypotonia (low blood pressure).

The Rods- Quartz are manufactured in three types: Here's a comparison: with the Rods- Quartz 2 you can imagine yourself riding a bicycle along an even road, having rest and training at the same time. With the Rods- Quartz 3 you are riding the same bike but uphill. Your muscles are strained, your breath is intensive and your heart beats rapidly. Are you ready to start, or will you wait for about a year?