The Rods-KONT are cylinders with sizes produced according to the Golden Section or Golden Mean ratio. The Rods' fillings are made of red-hot coal and red-hot magnetized iron and the Rods are processed within the Pyramid. The Rods-KONT harmonizes the energy-information field of a person and creates a protective cocoon. The duration of the Rod's influence can last for 1-1/2 to 2 days.

The effect of the Rods-KONT is strong and forceful, an impulse capable of shifting an established problem. Those suffering from low blood pressure should use these only with extreme caution as the rods lower blood pressure. On the other hand, for those with high blood-pressure, the Rods-KONT may be an invaluable aid.

The Rods-KONT, filled with coal and ferromagnetic fillings, will always promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system. They are good for grounding your field and working with issues in the first three chakras.

Those people suffering from diabetes should note that during the use of the Rods-KONT sudden changes of the lactose level (about 2 or 3 units) can occur. Those susceptible to lactose coma and elderly people must take this fact into consideration. Continuing work with the Rods will promote stabilization of the lactose level.

The Rods-KONT act as a catalyst and activator for latent healing capacities of a person.

The Rods-KONT work with your nervous (mental) force, with "vitic force".