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Benefits of Vibrational and Energy Medicine on the Human Energy Field

Leaders in western biological research (Bruce Lipton, 2006, James Oschman, 2000) have demonstrated that the voltage of your cells determines the internal chemical and electrical communication and thus your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  However, wellness starts in your energy field first, which triggers your cells, whether it is the healing mechanism - immune and endocrine system, or cells in your organs, muscles, bones and ligaments.  The Egyptian Healing Rods use the energy of ancient pyramid technology to raise the vibration of this field and bring these energetic benefits to you, a boost to your life force energy. 

But the bottom line is…

  • Does it work for me to create wellness?
  • Will it boost my life force energies so I will become well faster?
  • Allow me to naturally boost my own energy when I want?
  • Can I shift my emotional or mental state to a higher level?
  • Will my work, family and friendship relationships improve?
  • Can I smooth out my moods and emotional distress?
  • Can I bring more joy and peace into my life?
  • Can I create the life I desire?

You can do all this with life force and inter-dimensional energy, without the side effects of drugs or endlessly talking about the problem.  Call now to find out more.


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