Margie M. Mulligan, Ph. D.,
Heal Like an Egyptian (RM) Wellness Coach


Ancient Egypt held the Healing and Manifesting “Secrets” to help YOU today.  Russian Scientists scientifically demonstrate the benefits:

  • Wellness for physical issues, boost your energy system and body so you have more life force energy to heal easily. 

  • Manifesting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wealth, creating your heart's desire faster than you thought possible.

  • Ascension or spiritual transformation - Increase intuitive gifts, ease the uncertainty of changes, speed the process at home.

 You can have these profound and powerful self-help tools in
your own hands, creating the life you want, NOW.


 Want a demo or some help first?


 Get a "Heal Like an Egyptian (TM) session -   Experience power from Ancient Egypt that Pharaoh's used throughout their lives. Find out how these cylinders help YOU!


What are Egyptian Healing Rods?  
  Used by the Pharaoh's and Priests/Priestesses of ancient Egypt: 
  -  based on secret Egyptian mystery school texts;
  -  created and researched by Russian scientists in a Russian pyramid.  
 Want to read healing rods testimonials from users and clients?

Go to YouTube to see Video 1 About Healing Rods
(also see 2nd demo video)

- Get a FREE copy of the 40 pg. manual explaining how Egyptian Healing Rods came from ancient Egypt to the modern world.  Click here.   


Description and Prices for 10 Healing Rods of Different Amplitudes

Are you a visual learner? 
Training DVDs: Want to learn more about Egyptian rods at home/office?
- Practitioner's & User's Workshop DVDs are ready, Feb 09.  

3 DVD set includes the content of the live workshop plus demos by 5 practitioners of the healing rods.  Until Sept 30th, the price is only $79.  Buy Now.


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